About My Sports League

About Us

Watching cricket is fun, playing it is greater fun – playing it with your dream team of favourite players is like a dream come true!

For all those who love cricket and want something ‘more’ than sitting on a couch and watching it – My Sports League is the perfect entertainment.

My Sports League is an online platform where you can create your own team of players, use your knowledge about cricket and use it to play alongside real world matches – and win real cash.

As the real world matches proceed, your fantasy team scores points based on the performance of the players in the real matches. Your final scores shall be decided after the match is concluded and you can convert your scores to actual cash. Your knowledge about the sport and you strategic judgment will help you WIN. Make sure that you read all the rules of the game before you begin!

So you think you know a lot about cricket? Let’s put your knowledge to test.

Create your dream team. Choose players wisely. Earn points.