How to play Fantasy cricket online in India?

In India the craze for cricket is beyond imagination. Cricket is God to many in fact to most of the people in India. When matches are going on you will find family, friends and colleagues gathering up to watch it groups. The fun you have watching matches in group is something one cannot define. So, is the craze for online cricket, it has become a fantasy for every cricket lover. Hence, it is popular as the Fantasy Cricket. Millions of people play fantasy cricket online in India. Every cricket event coming up will also be played in the fantasy apps. There are apps that allow multiple players to play cricket online and earn rewards at the same time. Where PUBG and other games like CS have become popular among the youngsters, cricket fantasy apps like Dream11 have taken new heights of popularity and success.

Many people who are interested in playing fantasy cricket online but haven’t played it ask many questions like how to play fantasy cricket online? Can multiple players play at a time? Can we make our own teams, etc. Let me answer your one question.

How to play fantasy cricket online in India through the cricket apps like Dream11 or FSL11?

  1. You need to download the app
  2. You need to create your login and start the app
  3. You need to select an upcoming match to start the game. 
  4. Now you need to select the League and create a Contest for others to take part.
  5. Create your Dream11 or FSL11 team.
  6. Once your team is created now choose the Captain or Vice-Captain.
  7. Pay for the game and enter the contest.
  8. Watch your team play LIVE and compete with the other team.
  9. Win the contest and get amazing rewards.

Well, this is how you can play fantasy cricket online. If you have the craze and passion for cricket, this is a good to place to show it. Play and compete with good spirits and the win will be yours. 

Stay tuned to know more about the Cricket Fantasy Apps and the trends to be seen soon in this industry.


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