Why 2019–20 is best season to launch a Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy Cricket App

Cricket is not merely a sport – for some fans, it is a passion. Fans look forward to the next match or the next series and enjoy watching this game while showing off their knowledge, expertise, and talent while they speculate the number of runs, wickets and how their favorite player will perform.

Cricket is one sport that brings people together and with the advent of virtual cricket apps like Fantasy Cricket, people can now participate in the game of cricket and show off their knowledge and talent for speculation and win actual prizes!

Statistics show that among the one billion cricket fans around the world, 90% are interacting on digital platforms and it is expected that mobile users will continue to rise and Fantasy cricket apps will grow to immense popularity in 2019-20 especially since the year has a series of cricket matches and series lined up.

Why exactly is the year 2019-20 right to launch your Fantasy Cricket App?

When it comes to app launches, the timing of the launch is of utmost importance. The right app at the right time ensures value to users and revenue for the app owners. For fantasy sports apps, especially for cricket, 2019-20 seems to be a golden opportunity. There are a number of matches and events for launching the app including Asia Cup, IPL, Bangladesh Premier League and many more.

Here are some of the highlights for 2019

IPL (Indian Premier League): The BCCI launched this cricket league and is played every year at an international level. Players across the globe can participate in this league. Since this year it would be launched in UAE, the terms of the games will be different and the rules will be set according to the UAE terms.

International World Cup: This will take place in England and the dates would be from 30th May to 14th July. This world cup also generates revenue at a global level.

Big Bash Cricket League: The Big Bash Cricket League started off in Australia. It is very much similar to the IPL and people across the globe can participate. Teams are formed with mix f nationalities and players are selected by the team owners.

T20 World Cup: The T20 world cup tournament takes place every two years. This year it will be held in Australia. This tournament will open a huge platform and doors for fantasy sports apps.

To sum it up:

If you are a cricket enthusiast or a die-hard cricket fan – 2019-20 is the year for you. The timing could never be better for launching a fantasy cricket app. It’s time to get the buzz going while there are so many live matches!


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