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How to play

My Sports League is your fantasy world to play your favourite sport alongside real world matches. You can keep a track of the real world matches – both upcoming and ongoing, and play a fantasy version of it - online. You can select players, build a team and earn points based on how the real world players are performing. These earned points can be converted into real world cash which you can withdraw!

It’s time to show off your knowledge about cricket and play with your favourite players:

Let’s get started in 5 simple steps:

  • Take a look at the current and upcoming cricket series and select a match to play fantasy cricket.
  • It’s then time to use your knowledge and judgment to build your dream team of players.
  • Join any of the FREE or CASH contests on My Sports League.
  • Sit back and watch how the real world match goes and track your My Sports League scorecard.
  • Every point you earn matters – you can then encash your points and withdraw your WINS!

RULES to live your FANTASY

Select your match and your players wisely

Check the list of ongoing and upcoming cricket series in the real world. Select the match you wish to play fantasy cricket for. Next, you will need to build your fantasy team – your dream team of 11 players. These 11 players must fall under the following categories:

  • WK – Wicket Keeper
  • BAT – Batsman
  • BWL – Bowlers
  • AR – All-rounders

Sort the players you selected as per their teams, credits and points. Among these, decide who is the Captain and Vice-Captain for your dream team. Again, choose wisely, as the Captain gets 2x of the points he scores in the real world game, and the Vice Captain gets 1.5 times the points he scores in the real world game.

Remember that: If there are any substitutes in the real world match, they will not be considered in your My Sports League’s teams earnings. Similarly, for transferred players, no points will be awarded in your fantasy team.
You can re-think and edit your team – until the deadline for the match.

Understand how your fantasy match is scored

Type of points T20 ODI Test
Player is a part of the 11 2 2 2
Each Run by player 0.5 0.5 0.5
Each wicket 10 12 8
Each catch 4 4 4
Caught and bowled 14 16 12
Stump out 6 6 6
Run out 4 4 4
Duck -2 -3 -4
Type of points T20 ODI Test
Boundaries 0.5 0.5 0.5
Six 1 1 1
Half Century 4 2 2
Century 8 4 4
Maiden Over 4 2 NA
4 wickets 4 2 2
5 wickets 8 4 4

Every point you earn is translated into actual cash. You can view or withdraw your earnings from your My Sports League at any time. Your account will require a simple one time verification process and you can withdraw your earnings without any processing fees!

Feel the rush when the coin is flipped? Ready to play?

Begin by building your team here!